Your Success Is My Legacy






Cherie Banks is the mastermind behind the moniker, CEO Influencer™. Her visionary leadership generated the first billion dollars for an international Fortune 500 company as an integral contributor. She is a success leader, enterprise entrepreneur, and business investor. Cherie is a highly-sought after industry expert for her business mastery, strategic planning, market penetration, growth expansion, leadership development, and organizational management. She also serves as a chief strategic advisor, fiduciary board member, and social good advocate for non-profit organizations. Cherie is an honored recipient of prestigious awards in business, law, education, and community.

Cherie is the Founder & CEO to many successful companies with a multi-million dollar brand. She thrives in disrupting the global market backed by her astute acumen, business savvy, and legal expertise. Her most rewarding niche is mentoring C-Suite executives and coaching entrepreneurs in creating 7+ figure companies targeting billion dollar revenue growth.  She is a powerful force in professional speaking and training with a rare instinctive genius to captivate diverse audiences. Cherie’s dynamic magnetism ignites inspiration with clear-cut direction for maximum results. She has been featured on multiple platforms, online forums, and media outlets in broadcast, print, and digital publications throughout the world. 

Cherie has a J.D. from Loyola University School of Law. She was a founding board member and vice magistrate of Phi Delta Phi Honorary Legal Fraternity. Cherie studied European law at Oxford University in the United Kingdom. She was distinguished as a United States honorary guest at the European Parliament, Council of Europe, European Courts of Justice and Human Rights, European Union, and NATO. Cherie also has an M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University and a B.A. in Liberal Studies concentrated in pre-law from DePaul University. She earned highest honors distinction for academic excellence with notoriety on the President’s Scholar Guild, National Dean’s List, and Golden Key International Honor Society. Additionally, Cherie received an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity and serves as a pastoral confidant and spiritual advisor for principled and faith-based leaders in the secular market. 


Beyond the bottomline, Cherie’s brand has the distinctive quality of an unparalleled client experience that boasts extraordinary transformation in professional achievement, business wealth, and personal growth. She boldly delivers uncompromising integrity and the utmost value in helping CEO entrepreneurs, C-Suite executives, and corporate clients achieve their desired outcomes and yield profitable gains from enterprise creation and business expansion to structuring lucrative exit strategies. The brand extends to Cherie’s venture capital and private equity portfolios.

Moral ethics, exemplary character, and best business practices are at the forefront of Cherie’s brand. This has earned her the incomparable esteem of some of the most prominent, powerful, and influential business and innovative-thought leaders today including authoritative leading experts in a variety of specialized fields. She is known for setting her own standard of excellence in a rapidly ever-changing industry and raising the status quo. The brand is uniquely her own for you to engage in an interactive life-changing experience of business transfiguration with a return on investment.



Magnificent Mogul® Founder, Daymond E. Lavine, had a candid conversation with Cherie about her fueled passion and innate ability to strategically empower entrepreneurs for ultimate success.  She offers a hybrid of solutions and uses proven metrics and past performance trends to ensure her clients are profitable. Discover how Cherie leveraged her extensive legal background in complex litigation and corporate leadership to become an in-demand Business Mentor, Entrepreneurial Expert, 7 Figure Power Networker, and Master Wealth Builder. Cherie’s incredible success drives her to help others find similar success with hope that they far exceed her own achievements. Cherie’s motto is that “your success is her legacy,” which she takes very seriously. Much of Cherie’s life’s work is devoted to create new legacies for generations of emerging and existing entrepreneurs. Her results are proven to stimulate economic growth in a worldwide marketplace for better business opportunities and heightened prosperity to live a good life and pay-it-forward.



“Influence is not a position, but a platform for imagination, innovation, and impact.”  – Cherie Banks, CEO Influencer™